Wednesday, December 12, 2018

The Chinoiserie Skirt

Hello, all!
It's been awhile, and I apologise for the sudden disappearance.

I've been intending to publish this blog post for awhile, but never got around doing it because of all the moving around I've been doing these past few months.
I will be permanently-based in Penang come Christmas, which means my style would have to shift to a more relaxed tone for the island life.
However, I'm never one to follow fashion rules, so let's see if this move tames my style over time or get more experimental!

Stay tuned for more updates; will be putting up a few way overdue blog posts to dust off the cob-webs...
...see what I did there?!
*cricket chirp*

Anyway, if you're into instant style updates, follow me on Instagram: @theopulenthippo!

Npw, may I present to you one of my favourite date outfits EVER:

T-shirt: From a thrift store
Vintage skirt: Vivienne Tam
Flats: Chloé
Vintage purse: From a thrift store

A bird's eye view close-up on my OOTD:

So a little backstory on this amazing skirt; I have an obsession with Vivienne Tam's Asian-inspired designs, especially her vintage designs when I first laid eyes on my mom's bag.
I have been on the hunt for very specific pieces of her work, and made it a mission to slowly collect them!
*determined look*

This skirt is one of the best fashion things I'd ever lay my eyes on,; you can't really see it here, but the skirt actually have carwash panels that swishes when I move around!
*sighs dreamily*

STYLE TIP: When wearing such a colourful skirt, keep your top simple to make the shades really pop. A white t-shirt is a no-brainer, but I'd also wear a black one for a sleeker, night-appropriate look!

I can't wait to show you more vintage Vivienne Tam designs I've acquired, but that will have to wait for another day!

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