Wednesday, July 18, 2018

She Sells Seashells On A Seashore

Hello, everyone!

I got to catch up with some friends to watch "The Incredibles 2" in the cinema; I waited fourteen years (almost half my life!) for this movie to materialise, so you bet I was going to pay to see it!
It was worth every cent; the movie was way better than I could ever hope for, and the short film "Bao" was also super adorable!

I have been dying to wear this really cool vintage slip I picked up recently; it is made with jacquard seashell fabric, has seashell-embroidered lace trims, and a pretty scalloped hem!
Very apt considering the seashell trend has been revived by Versace thanks to their tribute line.

STYLING TIP: If wearing a slip dress as it is feels too revealing for you, don't be afraid to wear them as a camisole top! In this case, I wore mine with a pair of white ripped jeans to keep it modern and unexpected! Extra bonus for helping hide unshaved legs HAHAHA.

If you noticed, I have been wearing the same pair of Birki's a lot lately; I have been trying to break them in!
But now that they're broken into, they're too comfortable and that makes me want to wear them out more!
*face palms*

Vintage slip: From a thrift store
Jeans: H&M
Flats: Birki's by Birkenstock  (from a thrift store)
Vintage bag: From a thrift store
Vintage earrings: Mosell
Vintage ring (not shown): Panetta

I do love a good straw bag, and this one is ideal because it is roomy and has thin but sturdy straps.
An ideal beach bag, if I do say so myself!

Here is a selfie for a close-up on my jewelry:

I love those earrings, and am thankful I managed to purchase it in time for my seashell obsession.
Frederick Mosell designed wonderful whimsical jewelry; his dangle earrings especially are my favourites!

Here are the earrings on their own:

A close-up on the ring I was wearing:

So that's my first take on the seashell trend!
I actually have other seashell/ocean-themed pieces, but let's see if I manage to put them together for something else.
It is a really fun trend to try, especially when I live in a tropical country so I can literally wear this all year round BWAHAHAHA.

*lightning strikes*

So, have you tried the seashell trend yourself?

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