Friday, June 8, 2018

Wakanda Summer

Hi, everyone!

It was actually a rather early morning for the hubby and I, so we were really soaking up the gorgeous day.
I was tasked with putting on a work-appropriate outfit for the meeting we were heading to, but I didn't like the fuss-free or prim look that most would go for in corporate environments, so I put on two of the craziest necklaces to shake things up a bit!

I wore a crisp white shirtdress with a little twist; it has draping in the front that makes me look like I have a functional pouch, haha!
Initially I wore a simple pair of black pumps (shown in photo below) which I love; they're vintage Gianni Versace and sooo sexy!

I always prefer pointed toes for pumps, but the slight cut-in vamps are the clear winners here; they are always slimming and elongating for your legs!
Another thing I love about the shoes are the fact that they're made of satin; the light sheen is very classy.

I had to switch out my shoes for flats later that day for the sake of comfort; it was crazy warm that day and I was thanking God that I had a cotton dress on despite the extra fabric and long sleeves!
It was a good thing I brought extra pair of comfortable shoes too, because the hubby decided to take a walk around the meeting place; I never do well in heels on tar roads and gravelled pavements!

If you noticed, I put on a rather weird title for this blog post, but I thought of the imaginary nation when putting this outfit together.
Must be the layers of tribal necklaces I was wearing on that day paired with the leopard flats I switched into!

Dress: Givenchy
Flats: Givenchy
Vintage bag: From mom
Vintage necklaces: Accessocraft NYC

STYLING TIP: Don't be afraid to layer necklaces on a shirtdress for a casual meeting! A shirtdress is rather fail-proof if you mean business, but some fun jewelry should ease the tension a little bit. I prefer silver-tone jewelry because it is less striking but still makes a bold statement!

I folded up my sleeves when we were walking around, but the dress actually had a pretty voluminous and long bishop sleeves.
Which is a reason why I got it, second to the fact that this dress has not only one, but TWO functional pockets!

I lost a bit of weight since I last wore this dress, so by the end of the day when it was super creased, I looked like I was drowning in it, haha.
Always belt your loose dresses, people!

I actually had two necklaces on; these are how they look like separated:

I know the trend now is to layer on dainty gold necklaces, but I'm never really one to follow the rules when it comes to my jewelry!

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