Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Early Father's Day Dinner

Hello, all!
My family and I decided to do an early Father's Day celebration a few days before the actual date because my dad hates crowds and overpriced dinners, so what Daddy wants, he gets!

Of course I have to dress up for my dad, there was no questioning it.
He loved my outfit, and that's the best kind of approval because my parents have a wonderful sense of style and I'm happy to inherit at least half of that trait!

Apologies in advance for the blur photo; it was taken in our dark driveway after dinner because obviously food is far more important to me than outfit photos.
But I did get a selfie pre-dinner, haha!

That's me proudly showing off a bit of my belly, WTF.
I've always admired those who had the guts (and a wonderful body) to pull off this trend, and yes, I am extremely happy to be able to pluck some courage to wear a cropped top in public.

STYLE TIP: Even if you don't have nice abs (like me!), don't shy away from a cute cropped top! I like getting slightly longer versions and pair them with high-waisted bottoms. I prefer to show just a sliver of skin, because it is much more flattering to my body shape (and safer to the public's eyes WTF).

I love the adorable round basket bag; it's in the cheeriest shade of yellow and it's the best thing ever!

Top: Forever 21 (from a thrift store)
Vintage skirt: From a thrift store
Vintage bag: From a thrift store
Flats: Chloé
Vintage earrings (not shown): Accessocraft NYC
Vintage necklace: Unsigned

Here's a selfie with a close-up on my jewelry of the day and a clearer view of the tiny gold studs on my top that I was obsessed with!

I've had the vintage alphabet necklace for the longest time; I got one with the letter "N" for my husband's name too.
I've never really worn it because I usually favour bolder jewelry choices, but it seems pretty apt for my cutesy outfit this time.

Here are the earrings on their own:

And a closer look at the dainty necklace:

While I do not recommend wearing belly-revealing outfits (unless your dad is a fashion person like mine!), but please do put in some effort to look good for your fathers.
As Tom Ford said, dressing up IS a form of good manners, and our dads deserve that extra little effort from us too, not just for people you're interested in attracting, haha!

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