Monday, May 28, 2018

Fringe Benefits

Hi, all!
I'm finally back in Selangor/Kuala Lumpur, with a couple of outfits planned for events lined up one after another.
I feel exhausted thinking about it, but at least I will have multiple outfit blog entries to do, woohoo!

Will be kicking things off with something fun and casual, because I have this outfit planned in my head since forever but never got the chance to wear it, until now.
I feel terrible due to many days of sleepless nights, but this outfit totally makes up for it!

I purchased this sweet vintage bag as a birthday present to myself, but I really was just looking for a legit reason to LOL.
I mean, even if my birthday wasn't near, I would have still bought it because who could pass on vintage Gianni Versace?!?!?!

STYLING TIP: I love light pink bags as I find them to be quite versatile as nude-coloured bags, so don't discredit them as saccharine sacs!

I'm not entirely sure of the exact year or which runway show this was on, but I think it is dated approximately 1996, judging from the similar designs reissued recently in the Versace Tribute line.
It has demure a Kelly shape with the usual sangles, touret, plaque, clochette, keys, and lock, minus the top handle but with additional gilded Medusa coin accents and double shoulder straps.
The handles are actually long enough for me to also wear it as a crossbody since I'm petite; you know how much I love my crossbody bags!!!

Sweater: H&M
Skirt: H&M
Sandals: Chloé
Vintage bag: Gianni Versace
Vintage earrings: Christian Dior

That delightful skirt has been sitting my wardrobe for a little over a year now, because it's the best skirt ever and I am so afraid of ruining it!
It has layers of fringe with faux feather strands; basically the most over-the-top fun piece in my current wardrobe.
I also call this my gauge skirt, because I use it to determine if I got fatter or slimmed down between my trips WTF.
You can see me twirling in them HERE, because what's the point of a fringed skirt if you're not dancing in them?!

Here is a bonus photo of me sitting on a hippo chair:

I love how the fringes of my skirt fans out when I'm seated!
Like peekaboo curtains; so fun!
It's definitely a mood-changer; I'll have to put this on every time I'm feeling under the weather to remind me of all the beautiful things I am so lucky to have.
Also, I don't have my heavy dangly earrings in this shot because it was taken off right before I had to run across a really busy street.
You can barely see it in the photos, but my large earrings are actually mismatched!

I hope you guys enjoyed this outfit as much as I did putting it together.
I'm happy to see it materialise into exactly how I imagined it; this must be how designers and stylists feel when they see the beautiful starlets wearing their ideas!

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