Saturday, December 23, 2017

Bridesmaiding (Part 3)

Now we continue with the wedding festivities, haha!
So all the groomsmen and bridesmaids flew over to Kuching, Sarawak (the groom's side) for the last leg of the wedding celebration.

I haven't been travelling, so packing for this trip is an interesting experience for me.
I had to make sure the bridesmaid dress was packed, and also the matching jewelry.
Of course I won't waste this opportunity to dress up, but I challenged myself to stick to the same jewelry for morning and evening.
And to make things interesting (and easier to pack), I stuck with the same nude sandals I wore for the Penang wedding!

This blog entry covers the morning session, where the bride had sweet chiffon gowns made for us.
Thankfully, the dress had the perfect length so clumsy me only almost fell once, HAHAHA!
I didn't trip during the march-in, so PHEW!

The bridesmaid also had sweet baby's-breath bouquets (so Rodarte!) to go with the dress for the church ceremony; the bride had to make sure we all look as demure as possible, haha.

Dress: From the bride
Sandals: Chloé
Vintage necklace: Nettie Rosenstein

Here's a bonus selfie and a close-up of my necklace:

Said-fabulous sterling necklace:

STYLING TIP: Cameo necklaces are usually sweet and demure, so they are a good choice for a super-feminine outfits. Just be mindful to avoid black ones, because they're more appropriate for mourning purposes.

I will be wearing the same necklace for the evening dinner, so stick around to see what outfit I decided on for the last celebration!
Also, Christmas is looming; can't wait to dress up for that, too!

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