Thursday, December 21, 2017

Bridesmaiding (Part 2)

I just got back home from Kuching a couple of days ago, and it is time to continue with the rest of the bridal party outfits!
For the dinner reception in Penang, I decided to go for a softer and more pastel look.
At first I got my hair in a bun to show off my swanky ear wraps, but I decided to let my hair down half way through dinner because I was in a skimpy top and I needed warmth, HAHAHA!

Top: H&M
Skirt: H&M
Sandals: Chloé
Clutch: From an online shop
Vintage ear wraps: Boucher

STYLING TIP: Don't have a dress for a wedding dinner? Don't fret because a cute top with a matching bottom works just as well!

I apologise for the very creased top; I lost some fat in between and I was just glad I didn't end up flashing anyone!
I saw this H&M ensemble from their summer collection, and initially did not intend to wear it together, but this is for a beautiful wedding so I thought it was perfect.
I decided to wear the same shoes and clutch from the morning ceremony; I love to show readers how you can accessorise using the same pieces to achieve completely different looks.

Here's a selfie showing off my beautiful ear wraps:

I will have to update the photo of the vintage ear wraps later on, can't believe I missed taking photos of those beauties!

Stay tuned for Part 3, when we take the party to Kuching, Sarawak!
The bride had dresses custom made for us bridesmaids, so check back if you want to see me looking demure again, hahaha.

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