Thursday, October 5, 2017

Parents' 30th Wedding Anniversary

It was my parents' wedding anniversary, which means I am THIS close to being thirty years old.
*gasps in horror*
But it's alright, because I am the testament to my parents' love, HOHOHO.

We had a simple celebration this year with dinner at Michelle's Kitchen, a yummy Hakka restaurant near our home.
As always, it is tradition for us as a family to look our best during special occasions like this, so dressing up is a must even though we're literally just behind our house, haha.

We adjourned to our neighbourhood mall after dinner, and of course I found the time and place to pester my Instagram husband for some outfit shots:

I went for a safari-theme that day, mainly because I don't have any other belts of my own that fit the belt loops on my skirt nicely.
*sheepish grin*
Also, I have been itching to wear the new trench-detail skirt I scored recently; it has not just one, but TWO ACTUAL DEEP POCKETS!!!
Almost every girl I know understands the pain of not having a place to stuff our awkward hands into, hahaha!

T-shirt: Gap
Skirt: From a thrift store
Loafers: From a thrift store
Vintage belt: Christopher Ross

STYLING TIP: Trench details are not only cute for coats! Although most trench skirts have matching fabric belts, don't be afraid to switch them out for other fun ones with interesting buckles!

I skipped the jewelry this time because my belt was swag enough.
That huge leopard could blind just about anyone who walks past me, haha!

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