Sunday, October 8, 2017

Mommy's Birthday Dinner

Beginning of October is always a busy time for the family, because my parents' anniversary is followed by my mom's birthday, just two days later.
We took our mom to a new Japanese steamboat place, which is essentially the same as the other restaurant she loves, but doesn't really matter because it's the company that counts!

I inherited my love for fashion and style from my parents, so it only made sense that I have a fashionable mother who enjoys dressing up and taking many outfit photos, hahaha.
In fact, my mom and sister is definitely beating me at the selfie game!

The girls in my family; that's my fabulous mommy in the middle, and my youngest sister on the right.

Vintage shirt: From an online shop
Playsuit: From Bangkok
Flats: Zara
Vintage bag: Gianni Versace
Vintage belt: Christopher Ross

STYLING TIP: Wear your lace shirt as an outerwear! I especially like doing this with strappy tops, because I love it when you're covered but still show bits of skin.

I've been wearing my Christopher Ross belts rather often lately; I have four of them and I love them all to bits.
I am currently trying to locate my vintage Michael Morrison studded belt; it was always in my drawer when I wasn't wearing it, and now when I need it, it's missing, ugh!

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