Monday, October 16, 2017

Baroque Versace

I'm getting a little behind on the outfit posts, mainly because I'm getting ready to return to Penang island.
And as most of you know, it's unlikely for me to dress up when I'm back there unless there is an occasion that calls for it!

Anyway, if you refer to my previous blog posts, you'd see that I'm a little obsessed with vintage Versace all over again.
First, it was the amazing runway show, then it was my mother's vintage bag (that I am set to inherit one day), and now, an amazing baroque-printed shirt that I thrifted!

Pardon my messy hair; I forgot to flip it over so you can see the back.
*head desk*
I chose those pants because it has a wonderful baroque design as well, but it's in a muted colour so it doesn't look too much (in my opinion, LOL).
Interestingly enough, everything in this outfit is either thrifted or vintage!

Vintage shirt: From a thrift store
Leggings: From a thrift store
Loafers: From a thrift store
Vintage bag: Gianni Versace
Vintage necklace: Inna Cytrine Paris

And here is a close-up:

Funny story about the shirt; I was scrolling through vintage Versace baroque-print shirts on eBay while waiting for my parents to get ready for our trip to the thrift store.
I remember thinking to myself, "Man, these silk shirts are crazy expensive, even the inspired ones! Hopefully, I am able to pick out a shirt or two later.:
Hours later, et voilà!
I spotted this crazy turquoise and orange shirt that I quickly pulled out and chucked into my shopping cart.
Just so I can blog about this outfit tribute to the famed designer!

Anyway, I was obviously struggling with what jewelry to wear for an outfit already so extravagant, but I found my answer in this sleek modern collar:

STYLING TIP: Just because there's already a lot going on in your outfit, it doesn't mean you can't still wear statement jewelry. Pick one in clear lucite with cool metal details!

This is probably one of my dizziest outfit to date (thanks to all the prints and patterns) but one that I really enjoyed putting together.
I may have shock some people with my fashion sense some times, but I think that's the super fun part, when people least expect it!

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