Sunday, September 10, 2017

Sammy Reviews: Lively's Leisurées (United States)

I have been on the hunt for really good quality strapless bras for a few years now.
My only experience with them came from my mother, who gave me her Wacoal ones eons ago, which did no justice to my boobs at all.
Not only were they the wrong size, the fit was of course horrendous and they kept slipping!
Can you imagine the shame and how unladylike it looks when I tug, squish, and pull up my girls every other minute when I'm out and about?!

While browsing through Who What Wear, I came across an article that announced Lively's launch of their strapless bras, which guarantees to hold up your boobs with added support.
Curious, I decided to check them out, and I could not believe the amount of good reviews they had for their other bras despite the company's young age!
Considering that I desperately need nude strapless bras and there weren't any proper reviews of their newest launch yet, I decided that it was worth the risk since I can also blog and share my experience as a non-US buyer.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Lively does not ship out of the United States yet; I use MyUS, a company  based in Florida to consolidate my US purchases in a personal suite and ship them straight to me.

So let's get started!

There are ongoing promotions on their website, one of it is free shipping for orders over USD40, which is great.
However, the best part is the amount you save when you buy more; one bra would cost you USD35 (which is already reasonable, if you ask me), but two would be USD30 each, and three would be USD25 each.

So of course I bought 3!

Here are photos of the bras I bought from the website:

The Smooth Strapless in Toasted Almond

The Smooth Strapless in Soft Pink

The T-Shirt Bra in Soft Pink (How pretty is the back?! And I love the convertible straps!)

In terms of accessibility, their website is fairly easy to navigate around, so shopping there shouldn't be an issue.
They have a wonderful fit guide that features real women in various bra sizes, so you can see for yourself how each product looks like on different boobs.
If you're unsure about what size to take, check their measurement guide and size chart for the perfect fit.
I measured myself according to their guide, and all my bras fit perfectly!
Be sure to also read the description for each bras, as they occasionally include fit tips that came from customers' feedbacks.

I paid on 25 August 2017, my order was shipped on 29 August 2017, and the parcel was delivered on 2 September 2017.
Not bad for free shipping, huh?
I opted for FedEX Economy to Malaysia almost immediately upon its arrival, and it reached my doorstep on 6 September 2017; way earlier than expected.

Here are some photos of the bras I have with me; pardon the lousy photos; I don't have a nice, bright space to take flat-lays!

The Smooth Strapless in Soft Pink:

The T-Shirt Bra in Soft Pink:

In terms of quality, it really exceeded my expectations.
The fabric is smooth, while the straps and band is very comfortable for long, daily wear.
The gold-tone metal findings are of great quality, and hooks on securely.
All strapless bras come with detachable straps, so you can easily wear them as t-shirt bras too!
I would say that the Soft Pink tone is quite accurate in the website, but the Toasted Almond is closer to nude.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I forgot to take photos of the Toasted Almond bra; will update that here later!

Although The T-Shirt Bra is pretty as ever (and I totally get it now why it is one of their most popular products), I was most impressed by The Smooth Strapless.
I wore it and jumped multiple times, but the bra barely budged.
*pops imaginary champagne*
The band is thicker than usual with additional boning for support, and it really does the job of holding up my boobs despite gravity without sacrificing comfort at all.

No video or photos of the jump test (I'M TOO SHY HAHAHAHAHA), but here are the bras on the models:

For those of you interested, you can sign up for an account here and check them out:

They also have perks for members; spend USD1 to earn 1 point, and with every 10 points, you get USD1 to spend.
Once you sign up for an account, you instantly get 100 points to use, which is a whole USD10 off on your first purchase!

Secure your boobs today (LOL)!

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