Saturday, August 19, 2017

Trip To The Thrift Store

After about two weeks away from my wardrobe, I'm back again with a rejuvenated will to 
dress up!
For starters, I picked my favourite burgundy pieces for a day out with my parents:

T-shirt: Gap
Skirt: Lowry's Farm  (from a thrift store)
Boots: Rodarte x Opening Ceremony
Vintage bag: From mom
Vintage belt: Christopher Ross
Rings: Maison Martin Margiela

We visited our favourite thrift store that's about half an hour away from our home, and it is the best place to spend at least half the day in.
My mom goes there for the bags, but I'm ALL about the clothes!

I love these Rodarte for Opening Ceremony boots I have on; they are at least six years old, but looks timeless and amazing.
The velvet fabric reminds me of an opulent carpet, but who cares?!

For those who has been following my Etsy shop, you might have seen the belt buckle before because I sold one just like it.
I regretted it almost instantly, so I found another one and kept it for myself because it makes my outfits cooler and so much more badass!

STYLING TIP: This skirt is actually a size or two too big for me, but can you tell? Ladies and gentlemen, the power of a medium-width belt!

So what is everyone up to this weekend?
Does it include a trip to a thrift store or flea market?

I hope everybody will have a fabulous weekend!


Lilaine Lai said...

Love the belt buckle! BTW which thrift store is that? I love thrifting too and always looking out for me places to attack.

Sammy said...

Hi Lilaine, thank you for your comment! The place is called Jalan Jalan Japan; I'm not sure if you have been there, but it's really awesome!

Lilaine Lai said...

Hahaha...yes, been there 3 times. I usually get crockery. Finding cool clothes are a challenge for me as I'm UK14. Most jap are very slim. Have found some tees before though!

Sammy said...

Japanese have the best stuff; you go into JJJ and you have absolutely no idea you needed all the things you put in your cart in your life, HAHA!!!