Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Wardrobe Refresh: The Ugly Shoes

So I have been reading a handful of articles about the not-yet-dead ugly sandals that have taken the fashion world by storm since a few years ago, and I'm proud to admit that I am officially a convert!
I used to hate Birkenstocks, partly because I cannot stand the dreadful darkened-imprints on the cork base that is supposed to be functional and comfortable for our feet, but I found a solution to this while remaining totally chic...


Granted, it is nothing revolutionary, but still!
I didn't get mine from Birkenstocks, since I decided to go with a pair of Givenchy leopard ones with leather soles.

So here are some ways I will style my ugly shoe!

Embroidery, Leopard, and Ruffles

Shirt: Chloé
Shorts: H&M
Flats: Givenchy
Clutch: Alexander McQueen
Vintage ear wraps: Boucher

Leopard, Ruffles, and Sequins

Playsuit: From Bangkok
Cardigan: Rodarte x Opening Ceremony
Flats: Givenchy
Clutch: Topshop
Vintage necklace: Christian Dior

Military, Leopard, and Ruffles

Shirt: Chloé
Jeans: H&M
Jacket: Marc Jacobs
Flats: Givenchy
Clutch: Topshop

I chose a leopard-print pair because it is such a classic and works surprisingly-well as a neutral to compliment various outfits, as evidenced above.
Plus, the calf hair on the uppers adds an interesting texture to your look!

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