Thursday, June 15, 2017

(Throwback) Registration Of Marriage

Hi, all!

So in my last outfit post, I mentioned that I didn't wear a white dress for my marriage registration; I chose to wear a burgundy watercolour floral dress instead.
I'm hoping I won't live to regret it because I won't be having any wedding ceremonies in the near future, haha.

So anyway, here's my outfit (pardon the messy hair; I got temporary curls and this was taken after the ceremony and luncheon by the beach in the sweltering heat, haha!):

Dress: H&M
Stilettos: Aldo
Fascinator: H&M
Vintage earrings: Schreiner New York
Vintage necklace: Christian Dior

And here are my bridal jewelry:

STYLING TIP: Don't be afraid to wear matching jewelry sets for your big day! It is the one day any woman (or man!) is allowed to be totally extra in the style department, so go ahead and shine!

Here's the interesting part about this necklace: It's the only one I have ever seen that is marked with its original tag!
I have always seen unsigned versions that were obviously by Schreiner New York, although some sellers have claimed it was unsigned Christian Dior due to its quality and design.
Although Henry Schreiner did design jewelry for the couture house, I normally wouldn't be comfortable with the attribution unless there is proof.
So, imagine my surprise when I bought this from an avid Christian Dior jewelry collector, and it actually has a metal tag that says clearly "Christian Dior 1959".
I kept it for almost two years, because I promised myself I'd wear it when I get married, and I finally did, haha!

Initially, I was worried the set would be overwhelming due to the massive lattice structure, but thankfully, it looked just right on my dark burgundy floral dress.
I also wore a pair of metallic foil snakeskin pumps (bought by my then-boyfriend-now-husband, so they have sentimental value!) and a floral fascinator, because I obviously wanted to be an over-the-top bride since this is the only wedding-related thing we're doing!

Here's a better photo of my look; the last selfie I took as a single woman!

A look to remember for the rest of my life, definitely!

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