Thursday, March 22, 2018

Sammy Reviews: H&M Nail Polish in Imaginarium

Hi, all!

I've had this manicure awhile ago, but just got around blogging about it!
I really like this iridescent nail polish; it switches colour when the light hits and it is the coolest thing EVER.
They remind me of scarab beetle wings!

They come out a bit more sheer than I like though, so I used a dusky purple nail polish as base.
Alternatively, you can use black nail polish to make the colours pop.

Aren't they awesome?!

I liked it so much that I only added the black trims a day later, and come to love it even more!

Click HERE to see the Boomerang video of the manicure in action!

To get the edges, I just adjust the tape according to how much black I want and then paint over it for precision, haha.

I forgot to snap a photo of the manicure in natural lighting, so these will have to do for now...
*twiddles fingers*

Left to right: Neo Noir (black), Mauve On Up (dusky purple), and Imaginarium (metallic purple teal).

So my first round of nail polish reviews are done and dusted!
But if you read my previous blog post and follow me on Instagram, you'd know that I just got 10 new bottles and a new top coat last week...

But yay to more manicures and accompanying blog posts, LOL!

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Nail Design: Modern Pastel Art

Hi all!

I recently tried painting my nails with a specific design in mind, but ended up with something completely different again because I butchered my fingernails, LOL.

I enjoy painting my nails now, but any ideas that require too much effort (a.k.a. DRAWING) goes right out the window.
Obviously I'm too lazy and unskilled for that; special effect topcoats and can-be-found-at-home tools for the win!

I have readers requesting for me to blog about my lazy nail designs, which is exactly what I will do from now on, in case you'd benefit from my methods, haha!
Please check my older nail blog posts after this too, but the steps won't be as organized as this one because they have less than three steps, LOL.

I used completely new shades for this manicure, but I won't be posting a review on them yet because you can't see the swatches clearly here.
However, I am in love with this nail design because not only is it pretty, it is totally idiot-proof!

Here it is under harsh lighting:

And here it is in natural lighting:

It's a sorbet wonderland on my nails, and it puts me in such a great mood!
This nail design also has my favourite gold flakes, and that doubles up my good mood, LOL.

To create this manicure, you will need:
1.   A base coat and top coat
2.   Pale-coloured nail polishes (three is ideal, but I used five because I'm indecisive like that, heh)
3.   A gold flake nail polish with clear base
4.   A black nail polish
5.   Toothpick

First, always apply a layer of base coat:
Mine is Catrice Gel Like 2-in-1 Base and Top Coat and it's the best thing ever!
Scroll down to the photo section below for a visual of the product.

 Next, we move on to the coloured nail polishes:
Swipe the nail polish brush at the edge of the bottle a few times; the key is to have a very thin layer of polish left because we want the swatch to be streaky.
Then, paint the brush at random spots and in different directions on your nails; make sure each layer dries up before you add the other so you won't ruin your brushes.
Feel free to reuse and layer some of the colours to add more depth and balance to your design; I purposely left some spots of my natural nails to make it quirkier.
The best thing about this manicure is that it doesn't have to be perfect; the messier it is, the better!

As for the gold flakes nail polish:
Apply one layer of it; we want them to appear completely random and only as accents.
At this point, the manicure already looks insanely pretty; you can opt to skip the next step if you're already happy with it, which I almost did, but itchy hands are itchy hands...

Moving on to the black nail polish:
With a toothpick, dip one end into the nail polish bottle and place random black spots to give the design a modern art feel; again, it doesn't have to be perfect.

Seal your design with a layer of clear top coat.

So there you have it!
It looks like a lot of work, but trust me when I say it’s a really easy nail design to do.
It just sounds tedious because I’m long-winded, LOL.

Here are the nail polishes I used this time, featuring my life-and-nails-saving base and top coat!
Since I haven't featured it in any of my blog post, it is definitely an unsung hero, haha.

From left to right: 2 in 1 Gel Like Base + Top Coat and Iconails Gel Lacquer in "Mint Map"; both by Catrice.

From left to right: "Whiteout", "Chalky Pink", and "Lilac Whimsy" by H&M.

From left to right: "Neo Noir", "Clean Slate", and "Flake It" by H&M.

Good luck with your attempts, and please let me know if you know of any other lazy nail designs for me to try.
I'm always open to suggestions, so drop me a comment or email me at!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018


Hi all!

I can't believe we're already in mid March and I'm still wayyy behind in my blog entries.
So what else is new?

Anyway, I had the opportunity to dress up recently to go shop for more nail polishes!
*cricket chirp*
Do expect more manicure-related blog entries in the future; it is something I can do while at home, which I am most of the time, heh!

Anyway, I found a really cute top while thrift-shopping awhile ago, and finally got to wear it out.
I bought it because I was attracted to the colour and texture, as well as the swinging fringe hem!

I just had to take this shot because I'm wearing a fabulous pair of vintage Versace strappy heels with Medusa coins; I found out they were designed by Sergio Rossi!
I always love a good vintage piece with an interesting piece of history.
I haven't worn heels in awhile, but these were about 2.5 inches high and I got a few hours out of it; not bad for someone with feet problems, eh?

Playsuit (worn underneath): From Bangkok
Top: From a thrift store
Vintage sandals: Gianni Versace by Sergio Rossi
Vintage bag: From mom
Vintage earrings: Lunch at the Ritz

Apologies on the changing room photo; my Instagram husband has been on leave (LOL) and I had to rely on H&M fitting rooms for outfit photos, thanks to their insane full-length mirrors and wonderful lighting!
Which is extremely dangerous, by the way, case in point: I walked in and got out with 9 nail polishes, 1 sweater I don't need, and a pair of shorts that I initially went in to buy.
*head desk*

So here is a close-up of the fun earrings on me:

And here they are in their full glory:

JEWELRY TIP: Don't be afraid to wear long, dangle earrings with a fringed top or skirt! It is a very fun way for you to showcase your style, and looks incredibly cute when moving around!

Thank you all for reading!
Watch this space for more simple manicure ideas (LOL) and jewelry tips; I'm trying my best to include more blog entries, so let me know if there's anything you'd like me to try!

Monday, February 26, 2018

Sammy Reviews: H&M Nail Polish In Go-To-Greige

I decided to do a second manicure for Chinese New Year, and went with nude/dusky shades this time.

I went with a single dusky pink nail surrounded by grey-beige (greige) nails, with glitter accents on each nail.
It may not look obvious in the photographs, but I actually dotted on a spot of glitter on four nails while applying a full coat on my middle finger.
You know, just in case someone needs some sparkle in their day...
*pretends whistle*

Here they are under natural lighting:

The nail polishes actually appear darker here; they're much lighter in real life!

I love that the greige polish has a nice tint of purple in it; the shade actually reminds me of mushrooms, I don't know why LOL.

And here are my nails under hasher lighting:

The nail polish shades appear lighter here but are actually most accurate to how it looks like in real life, and you can see the glitter accents clearer!

I don't have nail art tools (I'm still a noob after all), so I dotted my nails using the back of a flathead pin.
One can definitely use other household items we can easily find inexpensively do nail art for yourself, and I intend to experiment around with other methods!

Here are the nail polishes I used for this manicure:

From left to right: "Go-To-Greige" (grey-beige), "Sepia" (dusky pink), and "Bijoux" (rose gold glitter).

Until my next manicure, stay fabulous, everyone!

Friday, February 23, 2018

Chinese New Year 2018

It's Chinese New Year!!!
Granted, I'm eight days behind schedule, but I took a week's break and now I'm back, haha.

I hung out with my parents yesterday and then met my primary school friends for dinner, so I got to dress up a little.
Apologies on the blur photos; the lighting wasn't great at home!

Dress: H&M
Flats: See by ChloƩ
Vintage bag: From mom
Vintage earrings: Kenneth Jay Lane

I loaned a vintage bag from my mom's collection; it is the cutest thing ever.
She is selling most of her bags on Carousell; be sure to look her up under the moniker "bags.etc"!

I finally got to wear my new H&M dress!
I have been dying to wear it since I bought it last year; it makes me feel so pretty!
The photos do it no justice though; I will have to take better photos the next time I wear it.

If you look at the vintage bag closely, You'd notice that it's actually tricolour; hot pink, turquoise, and cobalt blue.
The metal fittings are in matte gold; so chic!

Here is a better look at the earrings I wore:

JEWELRY TIP: Don't be afraid to pair a statement bag with a pair of statement earrings! They won't detract attention from each other, but work hand-in-hand to help elevate an otherwise plain outfit.

And that's all for today, folks!

I painted my nails today, so stay tuned for the next manicure blog entry, hehe.