Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Sammy Reviews: H&M Nail Polish In Sepia And Bijoux

Hi, all!

Since my friend's wedding last year, I have been contemplating on getting a manicure to look better as a bridesmaid.
However, I'm a major klutz, so spending money on something so perfect that won't last past 2 minutes on me is something I cannot stand.
Also, I remembered I suck at applying nail polishes for myself, so that was out of the question. 
I kept putting it off, deliberating and debating, until my friend's wedding has come and gone, LOL.

Just recently, I went into H&M to get a pair of ridiculously impractical flats (more on that next time) and was told by the cashier that they have a purchase-with-purchase nail polish deal.
Long story short, I get to pick a nail polish for just RM8 (normal price: RM24.90)!
The only downside to this whole experience was that the deal did not start early enough, else I would've had perfect nails last year for the wedding, LOL.

I actually had my heart set on a light taupe shade by Nails Inc. for awhile now, but somehow my eyes darted to the prettiest dusky pink shade named "Sepia".
I went home and immediately tried my new purchase, so to sum up my review:


Granted, it takes about 3 thin coats to get it to the right opacity, but the nice, wide brush makes application so easy and smooth, even for a hopeless newbie like me.

Here it is in natural lighting:

And here is how it looks like under harsh lighting:

I love how glossy it looks even before I put the top coat on, and the color is so pretty!

So a day after, I went back to H&M with my mom and found out that I don't need to only get 1 nail polish for RM8 with any purchase; I can get as many as I want.

I decided to get a glitter polish to go with "Sepia", and "Bijoux" was the perfect fit for when I want party on my nails, haha!
"Bijoux" is a copper-tone glitter polish , but upon close-up, you can see swirls of silver glitter in it too, likely to increase its sparkle, which totally works!

"Sepia" on the left and "Bijoux" on the right.

At first, I applied the glitter polish to just my thumb:

I love how it looks!

However, those of you who know me know I love my sparkles, so I ended up with glitter on all nails, hah!
I attempted a glitter fade for the other fingers and I love how it turned out.

I definitely could use more practice but I feel pretty content when my nails look done-up.
Now I sort of understand why other women obsess about their nails and are euphoric after trips to nail salons, LOL.
I still think manicures are high-maintenance, but it is nice to know that I can (finally) do it myself!

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

New Year 2018

It's already 2018, and I managed to look decent today because it is my beloved Daddy's 60th birthday!

Sharing an outfit photo today taken with my younger sister (in case you cannot tell us apart, I'm the pudgy one on the left):

Top: Sacai
Shorts: H&M
Flats: Givenchy
Vintage bag: From mom
Vintage ear wraps: Boucher

Here's a closer look at my fabulous ear cuffs; I always love how good they look with lace:

JEWELRY TIP: Don't be afraid to match your jewelry's design to your clothes' texture! It is the easiest way for your accessories to compliment your outfit while still sticking to a theme.

I've worn this outfit combination before, but I didn't take a photo then, so this is definitely blog-able now HOHOHO.

Sharing my favourtie family photo taken during Daddy's birthday dinner because we all look so happy here:

Cheers to a wonderful, meaningful (and fashionable) year for us all!

Sunday, December 31, 2017

End Of 2017

Today's the last day of 2017, I'm all geared up to take on 2018, fashion-wise, of course.
I had a pretty decent stylish year, and I cannot wait to see what I'll wear for the new year!

I'm staying in today, but I was out for a hair appointment yesterday and put on my "last-hurrah-for-2017" outfit:

Dress: Pringle 1815
Jacket: Topshop
Loafers: From a thrift shop
Vintage bag: From mom
Vintage brooch: Kenneth Jay Lane

I love this super cute drop waist dress with houndstooth print; it's from the now-defunct Pringle of Scotland diffusion line based in Japan.
I'm so excited to put on this large brooch, because it is so sparkly!

I didn't get a haircut nor permanent curls (sad face), but I gave my scalp a much needed treatment and I'm hoping my unhealthy habits will not ruin my hairstylist's hard work haha.

So that's it for 2017!
See you all in 2018!!!

Christmas Eve 2017

I was all geared up to wear really Christmassy colours for, but I got lazy...
*sheepish grin*

But I still made a point to put in some effort for the festive season, and here's what I came up with:

Top: From Bangkok
Skirt: From a thrift store
Flats: See by ChloƩ
Vintage bag: Gianni Versace
Vintage belt: Christopher Ross
Vintage earrings: Kenneth Jay Lane

I know, nothing revolutionary as I have featured most of the pieces worn here in my previous blog entries, but I was excited to wear those pretty, blue earrings.
Also, if you can recognise the flats I am wearing, it is because I have it in black too!
Yes, I am that type of person who will buy the same thing in every colour available if I love it THAT much.
These flats are versatile enough for all sorts of occasions, so they are definitely getting a lot of wear!

A bonus side photo because I love to show off the details of my fantastic vintage Gianni Versace bag:

Here are the earrings I wore:

And the belt buckle in its full glory:

Sadly, I didn't dress up for Christmas Day itself because I was recuperating at home from the night before, haha.
Age is catching up and I'm feeling it!

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Bridesmaiding (Finale)

Hi, all!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, and is gearing for the new year!

So to continue from my previous blog entry, you'd remember that we were in Kuching, Sarawak, and we're finally at the last leg of the great wedding race!
I decided to keep my cleavage covered this time (HAHAHA) and paired my top with matching dressy shorts.

Top: Stella McCartney
Shorts: Stella McCartney
Sandals: ChloĆ©
Clutch: Topshop
Vintage necklace: Nettie Rosenstein

Pardon the frizzy hair; I was too lazy for a trip to the local salon and I had no hair dryer.
I have my husband to thank for this look; I forced him to help me decide if I wanted to go for an all-nude look or add the punches of red!

Here's a selfie thrown in for good measure (excuses *cough*):

I wore the same vintage necklace from morning; I also forced my husband to help me decide if I should keep the necklace on, haha!

JEWELRY TIP: If you ever have trouble finding the right jewelry to go with your outfit, you can't really go wrong by wearing one with matching colours to your clothes. I like how my necklace sort of blends into my top, but it's shiny enough for people to notice it!

And that marks the end of the wedding-guest looks!
I hope you enjoyed this four-part series, because I sure did enjoy putting them out.
Now I secretly hope there are more series like this to come, so I have more excuse to bring out my jewelry to play!