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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

How I Wear: Christian Dior Necklace and Schreiner NY Earrings.

So I saved a very special set for a very special day; my marriage registration!

The earrings and necklace may look like they match, but they do not share the same maker's mark!
The earrings are unsigned Schreiner, while the necklace is signed "Christian Dior 1959".

An interesting story to the necklace; I've always seen many unsigned versions that were obviously by Schreiner, although some sellers claimed it was unsigned Christian Dior.
Although Henry Schreiner did design jewelry for the couture house, I normally wouldn't be comfortable with the attribution unless there is proof.
However, imagine my surprise when I bought this from an avid Christian Dior jewelry collector, and she told me to never ever remove the tag since it was so rare!
I kept it for almost two years, because I promised myself I'd wear it when I get married!

I found the matching earrings much later, but the filigree caps and pearls were identical to the ones on the necklace, so I'm pretty sure Henry Schreiner had something to do with the necklace, too.
I was worried the set would be overwhelming due to the massive lattice structure, but it looked just right on my dark burgundy floral dress.
I also wore a pair of metallic foil snakeskin pumps (bought by my-then-boyfriend-but-now-husband, so they have sentimental value!) and a floral fascinator, because I want to be an over-the-top bride, haha!

Dress: H&M
Pumps: Aldo
Fascinator: H&M

A look to remember for the rest of my life, definitely!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Currently Obsessed with: Tassels.

If you've been following us for awhile, you'd know I have a penchant for anything eye-catching.
And what can compare to the swishing of tassels in the wind?

The thing I love most about tassels is the drama they create for the wearer.
Plus, they exist in so many different materials and colors you can imagine: metal chain link tassels, silk tassels, bead tassels, etc.

Renaissance cherubs necklace; click HERE to purchase.

This necklace has repeated ornate links with cherub details, and the longer length would be a nice touch to any simple outfits.
I absolutely love the foxtail chains used to create the tassel; it's more refined than the other chain-links.

Oscar de la Renta belt; click HERE to purchase.

If this elaborate piece is too much, I'd normally wear it with a monochrome outfit, preferably all-black, so the tassels would pop!
I love how they combined different tassels in jewel-tones with bejeweled crosses; the end product is so fabulous!

Richelieu double horse necklace; click HERE to purchase.

As for casual days, a simple tassel necklace like this one is all I need to wear with my favorite white t-shirt and jeans.
I adore the pendant, because it reminds me of the prop used for traditional flat horse dance!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Spotlight on: Kenneth Jay Lane.

"How can we have minimalism? Girls can’t eat, they can’t smoke, they have to have safe sex and minimalism all at the same time? Where is the fun?" - Kenneth Jay Lane
Kenneth Jay Lane (or KJL for short) is one of the dearest names that helped build our jewelry collection and a recurring designer found in The Opulent Hippo.
His early vintage pieces are always such a delight to have; the designs are so quirky and fun!

Bejeweled monkey bangle; click HERE to purchase.

I had the privilege of acquiring many KJL jewelry from the different decades; 1960s all the way to the early 1990s.
My favorite period for his designs are the ones from 1960s and 1970s, especially the ones signed "K.J.L.", which is most coveted among collectors of vintage KJL.

Egyptian Goddess Isis necklace; click HERE to purchase.

Since KJL is still in business today and reissues his vintage designs, construction is key to dating his jewelry.
Jewelry marks can also be used to date his pieces, although this should only be used as a rough guide.
Authentic Kenneth Jay Lane jewelry may not be marked sometimes, as demonstrated in some pieces featured in Nancy Schiffer's book, "Shamelessly, Jewelry from Kenneth Jay Lane".

Climbing dragon brooch; click HERE to purchase.

He also created jewelry lines for Avon and later on QVC, which is more affordable but not as detailed in terms of craftsmanship.
Until today, KJL still produces fabulous costume jewelry for the everyday women, and I am sure that we're all grateful for the years that this designer has helped us look fabulous! 

Monday, October 24, 2016

Trend to Try: Gucci Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear.

I have been obsessed about Gucci by Alessandro Michele like the rest of the world lately, mainly because this man really knows how to work with colors and textures.
What I love most about his shows are how on-point the accessories are, and this season was no exception:

Besides the bright colors, notice how both models have long, layered, knotted strands of pearls?
Pearls are classic and some may say ageing, but when worn with such nonchalance and coolness, who's to accuse you of being dated?

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

How I Wear: Turquoise Necklaces.

Yes, I'm bringing the "How I Wear" segment back too, because how else would I be able to showcase my vanity to the world?
Jokes aside, I know many of you appreciate inspiration on how to incorporate vintage costume jewelry into your everyday-look.
So, I'll try my best to help in that department whenever I'm hardworking enough to dress up.

Here's one of those "better" days:

Dress: Gap
Jacket: Marc Jacobs
Sneakers: Vans
Bag: From Mom

Although I usually prefer wearing statement-making jewelry on their own, I couldn't resist the layering trend occasionally.
I really love how the bright blue hue look on a coral dress, so this is easily something I'd wear over and over again.

Here is a closer view of the two necklaces I wore:

Turquoise panther necklace by Askew London | Rotating turquoise fob triple chain necklace by Goldette NY

Now, I wonder if there will be a similar effect if I wore coral jewelry against a turquoise dress...