Monday, December 11, 2017

Bridesmaiding (Part 1)

A good friend of mine from high school asked me to be one of her bridesmaids a year ago, and of course I said yes!
She attended my marriage registration with her then-fiancé-now-husband, so I'm more than happy to return the favour, hehe.

The theme for the morning session during the Penang wedding was oriental, so imagine my excitement when we were asked to all wear qipaos for the gate-crash!
Qipaos are traditional short Chinese dresses that are form-fitting and sexy, so I was stoked to finally put on one for a themed wedding.
I've worn a cheongsam (the long dress version) years ago, and I forgot how unladylike I can be when moving around in this traditional dress, haha!

Dress: Azorias
Sandals: Chloé
Clutch: From an online shop
Vintage earrings: Kenneth Jay Lane

I bought the qipao a couple of months in advance; I was so worried that I would gain weight in between and won't be able to zip or fit in it!
Thankfully it still fit and all went well, phew!

Here's a bonus selfie to show you the wonderful details on the dress, especially the dual-tone Chinese closures and trims:

It was a terribly hot day, so I had my hair up in a bun which showcased my wonderful baroque earrings.
This is one of the few vintage Kenneth Jay Lane earrings that I have kept for myself; they're so oversized and gaudy but I love how it is more versatile than it looks!

JEWELRY TIP: Don't be afraid to wear statement earrings with statement-print dresses! They actually help enhance your overall look when done right, and are definitely conversation starters. Don't forget to try a few on with your dress to get the perfect pair!z

Since a Chinese wedding is split into two sessions, morning and evening, I shall write about my other outfits in different blog entries.
And since my friends are doing two weddings, there will be four parts to this event, so stay tuned for Part 2 and the rest soon!

Monday, November 27, 2017

It Was All (Mustard) Yellow

I love playing with colours in my wardrobe although I'm used to sticking to basic neutrals, but no one can deny my love for the darker side of yellow.
There is enough vividness in this shade but nothing too crazy for every day wear, which is exactly why I decided to go for it, head-to-toe!
I wish I had yellow shoes, but metallic gold works well too, in my opinion, hehe.

Also, the Malaysian weather has been fantastic for sweaters lately, and I cannot be happier!

Sweater: Jill Stuart
Shorts: From a thrift store
Flats: Chloé
Bag: Marc Jacobs
Vintage necklace: Chanel

I recently developed this really bad habit of forgetting to take my outfit photos when there is good daylight, but only remembering to snap them much later in dimly-lit areas.
I really need to step up to my fashion-blogger-wannabe role, but I honestly don't mind it that much as long as people can see how I incorporate vintage jewelry into my outfits, since that is the reason I'm doing this in the first place, haha.

So here is the necklace I wore in this outfit, in its full glory:

And here's a shameless selfie that I sent to my best friend in Bangkok, to help illustrate how I wore the fabulous vintage necklace today:

JEWELRY TIP: Necklaces can be worn in so many ways, not just upright! I like shifting them around so that it looks special and unconventional. Here, I adjusted and hid one of the medallions in my turtleneck, making it look like I'm wearing a really gorgeous chatelaine pin!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017


I'm back to dressing up again, yay!
I have a few outings and meetings lined up all the way until December, so this blog should be pretty up to date until 2018 comes, hohoho.

So anyway, I got this fabulous maxi denim skirt that I was dying to dress up in, but I had to wait almost a month to finally wear it out.
I wore it to the mall with my husband, and was happily swishing the skirt around as I walked briskly, hehe.

The denim is thick, but it drapes really nicely.
This is why I love going to thrift stores, because you find great quality stuff that costs you virtually nothing.

T-shirt: Zara
Skirt: From a thrift store
Sneakers: Rodarte x Superga
Vintage bag: From mom
Vintage earrings: Ledo
Vintage belt: Christopher Ross

I kept my jewelry rather simple, because I have an obviously-huge unicorn head on my waist, haha!

Here's a close-up of the fantastic creature:

I still don't have a close-up on my earrings...
I am terribly behind my photo-taking schedule, but as usual, check back soon for updates (eventually)!

Friday, November 17, 2017

The Opulent Hippo Style Blog!

Hi, all!
I'm in the midst of reshuffling and spring cleaning online and offline, hence the silence (and lack of fabulous jewelry, UGH).

I've been tracking the blog's readership and it seems that you enjoy the styling and review posts the most out of all the other titles.
I am super glad about that, so that's exactly what I will be focusing on this blog!

Since my last blog entry, I have purchased a bit more jewelry (obviously!), and added other classic pieces to my wardrobe that I have been hunting since forever.
I am in the midst of shuffling the Etsy shop too, and is thinking of launching something else, but that will have to wait!

If you haven't figured out by now, this is obviously a filler post...
*sheepish grin*

But I am working on more content, so you should be seeing more of me very soon.
Not sure if that's a good or bad thing for you, but nothing's stopping me from that, hahaha!

See you back here in the blog again on my next update!

Monday, October 16, 2017

Baroque Versace

I'm getting a little behind on the outfit posts, mainly because I'm getting ready to return to Penang island.
And as most of you know, it's unlikely for me to dress up when I'm back there unless there is an occasion that calls for it!

Anyway, if you refer to my previous blog posts, you'd see that I'm a little obsessed with vintage Versace all over again.
First, it was the amazing runway show, then it was my mother's vintage bag (that I am set to inherit one day), and now, an amazing baroque-printed shirt that I thrifted!

Pardon my messy hair; I forgot to flip it over so you can see the back.
*head desk*
I chose those pants because it has a wonderful baroque design as well, but it's in a muted colour so it doesn't look too much (in my opinion, LOL).
Interestingly enough, everything in this outfit is either thrifted or vintage!

Vintage shirt: From a thrift store
Pants: From a thrift store
Loafers: From a thrift store
Vintage bag: Gianni Versace
Vintage necklace: Inna Cytrine Paris

And here is a close-up:

Funny story about the shirt; I was scrolling through vintage Versace baroque-print shirts on eBay while waiting for my parents to get ready for our trip to the thrift store.
I remember thinking to myself, "Man, these silk shirts are crazy expensive, even the inspired ones! Hopefully, I am able to pick out a shirt or two later.:
Hours later, et voilà!
I spotted this crazy turquoise and orange shirt that I quickly pulled out and chucked into my shopping cart.
Just so I can blog about this outfit tribute to the famed designer!

Anyway, I was obviously struggling with what jewelry to wear for an outfit already so extravagant, but I found my answer in this sleek modern collar:

This is probably one of my dizziest outfit to date (thanks to all the prints and patterns) but one that I really enjoyed putting together.
I may have shock some people with my fashion sense some times, but I think that's the super fun part, when people least expect it!