Thursday, June 14, 2018

Sammy Reviews: H&M Nail Polish in Lilac Whimsy

Hello, everyone!
I'm finally back on a roll for my nail polish reviews, and it won't be long until I finish reviewing them all.

Today's colour will be "Lilac Whimsy", and as the name suggests, the shade is a gorgeous light purple with a slight pink tinge.

Here it is under harsh lighting:

I'd say the colour is pretty accurate to its name!
It's a fun, bright pastel nail polish that will brighten any dark days, but it isn't something that will easily blend with your different outfits.

Under natural lighting, the nail polish becomes much closer to pink, but still looks gorgeous nonetheless:

In terms of application, the texture is creamy like the other pastel nail polishes from H&M, but the first layer may come out streaky if you didn't use a good base coat.
I actually used two different base coats for this swatch, and the difference was crazy enough for me to abandon the shittier base coat WTF.
It definitely isn't enough as a one-layer, but a second coat would smooth things out easily, and that's good enough for me!

In terms of longevity, the first chip appeared on the third day of application even with a base coat and top coat.
Although I don't mind it so much since I don't leave my nail polish on for too long and enjoy changing nail polish shades every week.
There is nothing amazing in terms of the formula, but I'm most in love with the colour!

And here's a swatch photo with the bottle (I think the colour is truest here):

The nail polish is glossy and wonderful as-is, but I'm obsessed with satin matte pastel nails now.
The top coat tones down the vividness by a bit, but leaves a gorgeous, muted sheen that I love.

Here's how it looks like with the satin matte top coat on:

I'm quite pleased with it despite the initial streakiness, so this nail polish will definitely be on my fingers again some day.

So that's it for this shade, until the next review!

Friday, June 8, 2018

Wakanda Summer

Hi, everyone!

It was actually a rather early morning for the hubby and I, so we were really soaking up the gorgeous day.
I was tasked with putting on a work-appropriate outfit for the meeting we were heading to, but I didn't like the fuss-free or prim look that most would go for in corporate environments, so I put on two of the craziest necklaces to shake things up a bit!

I wore a crisp white shirtdress with a little twist; it has draping in the front that makes me look like I have a functional pouch, haha!
Initially I wore a simple pair of black pumps (shown in photo below) which I love; they're vintage Gianni Versace and sooo sexy!

I always prefer pointed toes for pumps, but the slight cut-in vamps are the clear winners here; they are always slimming and elongating for your legs!
Another thing I love about the shoes are the fact that they're made of satin; the light sheen is very classy.

I had to switch out my shoes for flats later that day for the sake of comfort; it was crazy warm that day and I was thanking God that I had a cotton dress on despite the extra fabric and long sleeves!
It was a good thing I brought extra pair of comfortable shoes too, because the hubby decided to take a walk around the meeting place; I never do well in heels on tar roads and gravelled pavements!

If you noticed, I put on a rather weird title for this blog post, but I thought of the imaginary nation when putting this outfit together.
Must be the layers of tribal necklaces I was wearing on that day paired with the leopard flats I switched into!

Dress: Givenchy
Flats: Givenchy
Vintage bag: From mom
Vintage necklaces: Accessocraft NYC

STYLING TIP: Don't be afraid to layer necklaces on a shirtdress for a casual meeting! A shirtdress is rather fail-proof if you mean business, but some fun jewelry should ease the tension a little bit. I prefer silver-tone jewelry because it is less striking but still makes a bold statement!

I folded up my sleeves when we were walking around, but the dress actually had a pretty voluminous and long bishop sleeves.
Which is a reason why I got it, second to the fact that this dress has not only one, but TWO functional pockets!

I lost a bit of weight since I last wore this dress, so by the end of the day when it was super creased, I looked like I was drowning in it, haha.
Always belt your loose dresses, people!

I actually had two necklaces on; these are how they look like separated:

I know the trend now is to layer on dainty gold necklaces, but I'm never really one to follow the rules when it comes to my jewelry!

Monday, June 4, 2018

Sammy Reviews: H&M Nail Polish In Chalky Pink

Hi, all!

I'm back again with another nail polish swatch, woohoo!
I'm churning out blog posts faster than usual because I brought back some of my nail polishes back with me to Penang, and I found the time to try out some of them.

When it comes to any cosmetics, I'm usually drawn to the nudes and pinks first because they're most versatile and natural-looking in the sea of colours we have right now.
Currently, I already have a few nude or pink-ish nail polish shades in my collection and I don't think I will ever stop buying them!

Also, note that the photos today will be featuring my right hand, because it has been feeling quite neglected since my left hand has gotten all the past attention WTF LOL.

Here is how it looks like under natural lighting (colour is truest in this photo):

And a peek at it under harsh lighting:

Application isn't the best for this shade; it's still creamy but streakier than the other H&M nail polishes I've tested.
I somewhat expected this because it is after all a lighter colour.
However, for a noob, I'm happy to report that a layer of top coat would easily even it out, so PHEW!

In terms of shade, I will say that this is a sweet dusky pink.
It is a pretty feminine colour that works great with anything, without looking too predictable, know what I mean?
As with my other favourite dusky pink shade (called "Sepia"; reviewed HERE), this nail polish does come out a bit sheer!
Two layers weren't opaque enough for me, but thankfully it looks okay with three thin coats.

While I love the colour in the bottle, I didn't quite like it on my skin.
It photographs well, but I feel that "Sepia" was a better shade for me, although that one didn't photograph well, MEH.
*rolls eyes and shrugs*

Not all is lost, though, because BEHOLDDD the beauty of a satin matte topcoat:

I actually love it SOOO much more once the topcoat is on.
It makes the shade looks more subtle and classy, which I very-much prefer!

In terms of longevity, it lasted four straight days until the first chip appeared, a day after a hair wash!
That's not bad, considering the other colours barely survived three full days.
I'm not sure if it is the formula or I got better at application; perhaps I have levelled up from my noobness!

Anyway, here is a side-by-side comparison of before (left) and after (right) satin topcoat:

So what do you think?!
I think I definitely need to stock up on my satin matte topcoat; it is a total life saver for streaky manicures.

Although I could now see myself wearing this shade more often, I'm actually still looking for a brighter, flamingo-worthy pink!
The hunt continues, so stay tuned to see if I found the perfect shade of pink eventually!

Monday, May 28, 2018

Fringe Benefits

Hi, all!
I'm finally back in Selangor/Kuala Lumpur, with a couple of outfits planned for events lined up one after another.
I feel exhausted thinking about it, but at least I will have multiple outfit blog entries to do, woohoo!

Will be kicking things off with something fun and casual, because I have this outfit planned in my head since forever but never got the chance to wear it, until now.
I feel terrible due to many days of sleepless nights, but this outfit totally makes up for it!

I purchased this sweet vintage bag as a birthday present to myself, but I really was just looking for a legit reason to LOL.
I mean, even if my birthday wasn't near, I would have still bought it because who could pass on vintage Gianni Versace?!?!?!

STYLING TIP: I love light pink bags as I find them to be quite versatile as nude-coloured bags, so don't discredit them as saccharine sacs!

I'm not entirely sure of the exact year or which runway show this was on, but I think it is dated approximately 1996, judging from the similar designs reissued recently in the Versace Tribute line.
It has demure a Kelly shape with the usual sangles, touret, plaque, clochette, keys, and lock, minus the top handle but with additional gilded Medusa coin accents and double shoulder straps.
The handles are actually long enough for me to also wear it as a crossbody since I'm petite; you know how much I love my crossbody bags!!!

Sweater: H&M
Skirt: H&M
Sandals: ChloĆ©
Vintage bag: Gianni Versace
Vintage earrings: Christian Dior

That delightful skirt has been sitting my wardrobe for a little over a year now, because it's the best skirt ever and I am so afraid of ruining it!
It has layers of fringe with faux feather strands; basically the most over-the-top fun piece in my current wardrobe.
I also call this my gauge skirt, because I use it to determine if I got fatter or slimmed down between my trips WTF.
You can see me twirling in them HERE, because what's the point of a fringed skirt if you're not dancing in them?!

Here is a bonus photo of me sitting on a hippo chair:

I love how the fringes of my skirt fans out when I'm seated!
Like peekaboo curtains; so fun!
It's definitely a mood-changer; I'll have to put this on every time I'm feeling under the weather to remind me of all the beautiful things I am so lucky to have.
Also, I don't have my heavy dangly earrings in this shot because it was taken off right before I had to run across a really busy street.
You can barely see it in the photos, but my large earrings are actually mismatched!

I hope you guys enjoyed this outfit as much as I did putting it together.
I'm happy to see it materialise into exactly how I imagined it; this must be how designers and stylists feel when they see the beautiful starlets wearing their ideas!

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Sammy Reviews: H&M Nail Polish In Clean Slate

Hello again, everyone!
I mentioned in a previous blog entry that I will be reviewing the nail polish I had on for my close friend's wedding, so here is a quick one!

Actually, I was torn between two blue shades, but I ended up choosing the lighter one because it isn't too close to the darker hues I was wearing.
I like it when nail colours are a little bit different so they can shine on their own.

The colour is a dusky blue tone with grey undertones, nothing too loud but enough to make a statement.
Personally, I think this is a great shade to wear with all sorts of denim!

The texture of this nail polish is creamy, which I had already expected since most of the H&M nail polishes I've tested are quite decent despite some streakier lighter shades.
Application was very easy and smooth, and I think one thick coat would've been good enough.
Knowing me, I went for two coats for a more opaque look, and I love how glossy it looks on my nails.
For longevity, this lasted about three days before the first chip appeared, which is pretty standard.

I missed taking a photo of this shade in harsh lighting; I'll remember to add a photo here when I paint it on my nails again!

Overall, this is a shade that I would definitely wear often, since jeans are my closet staple, haha!