Wednesday, July 18, 2018

She Sells Seashells On A Seashore

Hello, everyone!

I got to catch up with some friends to watch "The Incredibles 2" in the cinema; I waited fourteen years (almost half my life!) for this movie to materialise, so you bet I was going to pay to see it!
It was worth every cent; the movie was way better than I could ever hope for, and the short film "Bao" was also super adorable!

I have been dying to wear this really cool vintage slip I picked up recently; it is made with jacquard seashell fabric, has seashell-embroidered lace trims, and a pretty scalloped hem!
Very apt considering the seashell trend has been revived by Versace thanks to their tribute line.

STYLING TIP: If wearing a slip dress as it is feels too revealing for you, don't be afraid to wear them as a camisole top! In this case, I wore mine with a pair of white ripped jeans to keep it modern and unexpected! Extra bonus for helping hide unshaved legs HAHAHA.

If you noticed, I have been wearing the same pair of Birki's a lot lately; I have been trying to break them in!
But now that they're broken into, they're too comfortable and that makes me want to wear them out more!
*face palms*

Vintage slip: From a thrift store
Jeans: H&M
Flats: Birki's by Birkenstock  (from a thrift store)
Bag: From a thrift store
Vintage earrings: Mosell
Vintage ring (not shown): Panetta

I do love a good straw bag, and this one is ideal because it is roomy and has thin but sturdy straps.
An ideal beach bag, if I do say so myself!

Here is a selfie for a close-up on my jewelry:

I love those earrings, and am thankful I managed to purchase it in time for my seashell obsession.
Frederick Mosell designed wonderful whimsical jewelry; his dangle earrings especially are my favourites!

Here are the earrings on their own:

A close-up on the ring I was wearing:

So that's my first take on the seashell trend!
I actually have other seashell/ocean-themed pieces, but let's see if I manage to put them together for something else.
It is a really fun trend to try, especially when I live in a tropical country so I can literally wear this all year round BWAHAHAHA.

*lightning strikes*

So, have you tried the seashell trend yourself?

Friday, July 13, 2018

Sammy Reviews: H&M Nail Polish In Head In The Clouds

When I was buying the lot of H&M nail polishes last sale, I wanted a really light pastel pink that can replace plain whites.
I picked up "Head In The Clouds" without looking at the swatch beforehand because I was rushing, so imagine my shock when I found out the nail polish was actually translucent!
*screams internally*

I realized that with enough application practice, I could totally make this colour work.
It is actually the perfect shade to be used for French manicures, but I love it on its own too.

Here is how it looks like in natural lighting (a little dark because of a cloudy day):

In terms of application, the brush on my bottle had a little issue where one bristle is longer than the rest, but it still applies evenly.
I just got to remember to trim it, grrr.
Remember to check the brush when you grab a bottle, because I recall reading other reviews that some brushes have unevenness that could botch your application, so better be safe than sorry!

The nail polish itself is creamy but with a slight jelly-like texture, which may seem intimidating to put on at first but IT GLIDES LIKE A DREAM.
Honestly, I'm crazy impressed with the quality I'm getting from every bottle of H&M nail polish.
The first layer comes out seemingly-streaky, but it evens out a little on its own upon drying.

To get the opacity and smoothness I wanted, I had to do three layers with this shade, but the good thing about H&M nail polishes is that they dry rather quickly in between coats, so you get zero bubbling if your layers are thin enough!

Here is the polish in harsh lighting:

Super light pale pink nail polishes like this one reminds me of what nude lipsticks do to your lips; they enhance the natural colour and beauty of your nails, making them look healthy!

 As for longevity, these were pretty standard with the first tiny chip appearing on the fourth day after doing the dishes and a hair wash in between, which is actually good enough for me!

Here are my nails with the bottle:

You can see how light the nail polish is in real life; the photo from the website is extremely misleading, by the way.
I actually prefer the true colour, and I'm pretty glad I got it even by accident.
Which reminds me, if you ever want to do translucent nails, PLEASE make sure your nails are clean!
Else it will just be plain unsightly and frankly, pretty disgusting HAHA.

This is actually the base colour I used for a simple nail art; promise to blog about my lazy nail designs again soon!

Monday, July 9, 2018

Purple Haze

Hi, all!

This is a backdated post because I actually forgot to blog about it, but since I dressed up and I shouldn't waste any blogging opportunities, HERE WE ARE WTF.

Anyway, I got to spend almost a full day in the city at the end of May (!!!); we were having dinner in a fancy place so I decided to look nice and not embarrass the hubby even though I was extremely tempted to wear t-shirt and jeans.

"OH, HAI."
*awkward waves*
*crickets chirp*

I haven't worn that dress in awhile, and seeing this photo reminded me why I love it to bits!
It was my special dress back then (God, I feel old) because it is completely made of silk, has the most gorgeous draping, and cleverly-mixed with subtle prints; definitely not something I'd want to ruin by wearing often.
This dress happens to be a bitch to iron, so there's that too, HAHAHA.
*more crickets chirp*

Here's a close-up on my accessories for the day (and my not-so-matchy matte lilac nail polish!):

Yes, that ring is humongous and it is as heavy as it looks, so I figured that one jewelry was enough for me that day.
Also, if you have been following my Instagram, you'd know that vintage bag was a new acquisition (in the month of May WTF)!
The colour was PERFECT; I'm obsessed with teeny tiny bags so this was a no-brainer purchase.
The gusset at the side is sticking out because my phone can barely fit and I had to somewhat force it in...
*sweat drops*
I can assure everyone that no baby bags were harmed (read: stretched to death) because I decided to manually hold onto my phone in the end, HA HA HA.

Dress: Alexander McQueen
Sandals: ChloƩ
Vintage bag: Gianni Versace
Vintage ring: Panetta

STYLE TIP: If you have been following my blog for awhile, you'd realize I have been wearing the same pair of shoes with a lot of my outfits. I highly-recommend getting a great pair of block-heeled sandals in neutral tones especially for travels when packing space is an issue; a pair like that could take you everywhere from day to night, from casual to dressy!

This is possibly the closest monotone look I've ever done; I love mixing and matching my colours/prints too much to stick to the theme!
You can't really see it in the photographs, but the buttons on my dress are silver-toned and I was secretly cringe-dying on the inside because my other accessories are gold-toned, and I am not one to mix my metals!

Here is a photo of the amethyst ring I had on; it is definitely the largest ring in my collection!:

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Fruit Loop

Hello, all!

If you remembered in my last blog post, I mentioned that my best friend came to visit from Bangkok.
So although we went to a nice shopping mall, I am sad to report that we went home empty-handed.
Actually, I'm happy that I left the mall unscathed since mid-year sale have already started, phew!

My best friend was leaving in the late afternoon, so she had some time for a facial in the morning, a wee bit of shopping in my neighbourhood mall, and then lunch.
After dropping her off to her appointment, I followed my dad for breakfast and was very thankful that it rained during the wee hours of the morning; the weather was AMAZING.

Since I was in a good mood, I decided to dress up a little but skipped jewelry altogether because I will be walking on the streets alone and that could be dangerous in my area where crime is uncommon but still can happen.
But that doesn't mean I cannot look my cheery best!

It was a cloudy day; like I told my other good friend, I needed my dose of sunshine yellow and fruity rainbow!

STYLE TIP: Never shy away from having too many bright colours in an outfit! In my case, I made sure to only wear one item with the most colour combination, while keeping everything else in a single solid shade. Yellow shoes would have been overkill, so I picked a neutral-toned pair with a nice pop of white.

Vintage top: From a thrift store
Shorts: From a thrift store
Flats: Birki's by Birkenstocks (from a thrift store)
Vintage bag: From a thrift store

That fruit-print top was something I pulled out at the very last minute while waiting in line at the cashier in the thrift store; it was SO colourful and I obviously could not resist.
If you look closely, you could see papayas, apples, cherries, oranges, grapes, strawberries, and kiwis.
It even has large mother-of-pearl-like buttons, which I totally have a thing for.
And you may not be able to see it in the photo, but the top actually has an attached hoodie, albeit a useless one, haha.

I must say that yellow wicker bag is far more versatile than I anticipated.
I've been using it for three consecutive days (documented one HERE); to think that I almost left it back at the store.
*shrieks in horror*
I was worried that it won't be getting much wear, but I was glad to be proven wrong thrice!

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Sammy Reviews: Catrice ICONails Gel Lacquer In 14 Mint Map

Hi, all!

I hope you have been enjoying the blog entries I have been churning so far this year; it takes a lot of effort (LOL) since I'm a lazy blogger, haha.
However, it has been a lot of fun, and I look forward to keeping this up!

So for today, I will be reviewing another shade in Catrice Cosmetics' ICONails Gel Lacquer line!
This was actually the first bottle I bought from the collection; it is thanks to this shade that got me thinking about buying another bottle of green nail polish, which I did and blogged about HERE.

At first glance, the texture of this shade is nice and creamy too, but with a slightly streakier application than "13 Mermayday Mayday".
This could be due to the fact that it is a pastel shade and most light shades are streaky anyway, but still saveable after the second layer, so that is good enough for me!

As for the base coat, I decided to forgo it again to test if they're equally as nourishing for my bare nails as it was for "14 Mermayday Mayday".
If you remember, they're supposed to last 7 days without a topcoat, so I decided to leave them on for a week to see if the same applies for the lighter shades.
Oh, the things I do for the sake of readership!

So here is the shade under natural lighting:

And here it is under harsh lighting:

I like how the colour looks much brighter on the nails than in the bottle.
I love how all their nail polishes have a high-shine finish, even without the help of topcoats; very impressive!
As evident in the name, this nail polish is a pretty shade that borders between mint green and turquoise that really brightens your skin.
So bright to the point that it looks almost fluorescent; some people may find it tacky, but I think it looks gorgeous on.

Here's a shot with the bottle:

In terms of longevity, there weren't any chips despite the fact that I did the dishes right after, washed my hair, and did the laundry twice.
Otherwise, they are definitely more lasting compared to the H&M nail polishes that I love, and that's good.
Just like "13 Mermayday Mayday", these lasted four straight days until the first tiny chip appeared after I used my fingers to scratch on something, but still looks pretty decent all the way until day seven!

Overall, I'm really pleased with this nail polish, and I wouldn't mind getting more...
...which you already know I totally did, HEHE!
I managed to also snag a gorgeous baby pink shade, which I will blog about soon.

Stay tuned for the next nail swatch or outfit post!